Bitcoin Cinema Digest #DEC23

Hey, Rabbits! December is here! 🐰❄️

As the year draws to a close, it’s a time for reflection. Can you believe it’s been 13 years since Satoshi Nakamoto vanished, leaving behind the revolutionary Bitcoin? Thanks to Satoshi’s legacy, independent cinema thrives, and we’re here sharing this journey with you.

Thank you, Satoshi 🧡 Thank you to all the passionate creators 🎬 And a huge thank YOU for being a part of our community!

Catch Up:

December isn’t just about reflection; it’s about preparation for what’s next. But don’t worry, we’ve curated some excellent content for your holiday enjoyment:

  • Exclusive Excerpt: Be the first to dive into our chat with Alana Mediavilla-Diaz, the mind behind “STRANDED; A DIRTY COIN DOC”. It’s a must-read filled with personal insights 🔗 Check it out.
  • Cultural Insights: Don’t miss our piece on “The Renaissance Connection: How Sound Money Shaped Art and Culture”, a fascinating look at the interplay between money and creativity.
  • Holiday Inspiration: Enjoy a whimsical creation by Scoresby, imagining a world where cinema mirrors the complexities of central banking and the liberating potential of #bitcoin.

BFF Buzz: What’s Hot 🔥

  • Filmmaker Interview: We’re gearing up for an exclusive interview that’ll whisk you away to El Salvador through the lens of cinema.
  • Podcast Appearances: Stay tuned for our upcoming features on popular Bitcoin podcasts. There’s a lot we’re eager to share!
  • European Halving Party: Get ready for the ultimate gathering of Bitcoin enthusiasts in Europe! Our event is shaping up to be a unique blend of party, conference, and film festival 🟪🥳🟧. Get involved!

Bitcoin Cinema: The Reel to Keep an Eye On 🎥

  • Bitcoin and Friends Return: Mark your calendars for January 3rd for the next episode, “A Coin Is Born”. Don’t miss it.
  • Must-Watch Premiere: Luke Broyles’ CASE FOR BITCOIN aims to demystify Bitcoin for millions. Learn more.
  • Support Needed: THE ONLY WAY OUT by Bitcoin Shooter is set to be the “Bitcoin Standard” of films. Support here.
  • Classic Revisit: Take a trip back to “Life on Bitcoin”, a real-life adventure of a newlywed couple navigating life using only Bitcoin.

A Glimpse: Unveiling The Reel 🎞️

As we gear up for potentially exciting times in the Bitcoin world, let’s not forget the timeless lessons and the power of holding on.

HODL: a Bitcoin short film – A testament to the enduring spirit of the Bitcoin community, shot on the Ursa Mini Pro G2.

December Wishes 🎄✨

May your December be merry and your investments shine bright ₿! Enjoy the festive season, and here’s to a prosperous New Year!

See you in 2024,

BFF Team 🚀🎬