Bitcoin Cinema Digest #JAN24

Hey, freedom fighters and cinema fans! Happy 2024!

Hope you’re having a great start to the year! Especially that just after the regular ‘NYE shenanigans’, we had another reason to celebrate. January 3rd, the anniversary of the Genesis Block. 15 years ago Bitcoin was “born”. Time flies, huh?

But wait! 2024 is keeping another important event. The 4th Halving is just around the corner!

Let’s kick off the first issue of our mailing this year 🎥🎉

Catch Up:

Previous year ended well, and we’ve already have kicked off the new one with a bang. So did the filmmakers. You’ll have plenty of fresh content to explore.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out other podcasts we visited recently 🎧

A mind-bending conversation about culture, philosophy, and beyond. If you’ve ever wondered what actually makes a ‘Bitcoin Movie’, you’ll find some comments on that topic as well. Tune into the episode of HIGH HASH RATE with itsTomekK, one of the founders of our project. Listen on Fountain FM, or watch it on YouTube.

Down the rabbit hole of human rights, the importance of storytelling and the power of independent films. See what the female part of our team, accompanied by DJ Valerie B LOVE (host of the Bitcoin for PEACE podcast), has to say.

🎙️ Here is our latest interview with Graham Rittener, author of DARE TO DREAM: A STORY FROM EL SALVADOR.
Plus, an article providing a deeper summary of his film, “El Salvador — Seen and Told Through a Camera Lens

And finally, still connecting interviews and powerful reads, check out this article also written by a member of our team, which discusses bitcoin mining, stranded energy, and the short film by Alana Mediavilla-Diaz ( . Bitcoin Magazine, “A Path To Electrifying The World” ( .

BFF Buzz:

What’s Hot and Happening These Days?

  • Looking for volunteers who’d like to lend a hand with our team’s ongoing work or/and help us on-site with BFF24 + European Halving Party. Details at: Bitcoiner Jobs and BeBitcoiner . Don’t be shy! Come on board!
  • Another cool gathering, just a month before ours in April. Madeira and Bitcoin Atlantis.
    Guess what?! Bitcoin FilmFest Mini is one of the satellite events. More info coming soon…
  • We’re expecting FOUR FICTION FILMS at BFF24 (April 19-21). Yes, you hear us well! Finally not only documentaries. Bitcoin Cinema is changing rapidly 🎞️ ⚡️ Stay tuned!

DIRTY COIN is one of the titles that premieres with us in Warsaw, and it is hosting an epic hybrid event that day! You can read more about it here. And don’t forget to save your spot (Early Birds are still available at Geyser Fund).

** Bitcoin Cinema:

🎬 Fix the Money, Fix the World

BITCOINERS (Twitter), an independent documentary by Rob Johnson and Jay Klaitz. Shot over a span of 2 years, it takes an inside look at the grassroots movement of hardcore hodlers and shows why they believe that Bitcoin can save America. 🔔 Premiere in Austin, Texas on January 26! Twitter

🎵 Film and Music in One

THE BITCOIN CAR by Trygve Luktvasslimo is a musical adventure movie based on interesting songs, humor, a small coastal village, bitcoin mining atop the cemetery, a baby goat, and the gold plate, old Toyota car… Get its vibes by watching the trailer, and listening to the official soundtrack on Spotify.

📚 Principles of Economics

CARL MENGER is finally out! It’s a 75-minute long biographical documentary about the “father” of the Austrian school of economics. Made by Tomasz Agencki in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Menger’s important work. Let us know if you’re interested in catching it at BFF24. Twitter

😎 From Memes to Bitcoin Cinema

You may have already seen on Geyser that one bitcoin meme project is working on an animated sitcom. Recently, a few seconds video for the first episode of this series has appeared on X. We’ve already seen a bit more than that. It’s going to be awesome stuff! Join us in April, we’ll have many things from Maxis Club.

🎥 Kinetic Finance is Back

While waiting for his new film to drop (PERU’S BITCOIN REVOLUTION), you can already watch some interesting shorts on YouTube. Well done and inspiring! You might learn a few surprising facts.

👀 A Web Series with a Mission

For all avid fans and those who haven’t had a chance to watch BITCOIN AND FRIENDS yet, we have some exciting news! Four new episodes already dropped this year. Great fun and a good dose of knowledge. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! YouTube

Quoting a snippet from ) :

“In an arena dominated by technical jargon and complex concepts, the series stands out by weaving the history and principles of Bitcoin into engaging narratives. As shared by Robert Allen, one of the producers, it serves a dual purpose: continuing to entertain its audience while simultaneously refocusing its energies towards an educational mission.”

Bitcoin News

Remember — ‘Some heroes aren’t born, they are coded’, and some great video content is not only made but also drawn…

Read more: Bitcoin Cinema Digest #JAN24

** A Glimpse:

Some of The Reel Gets Unveiled.

As you will see in the trailer below, there’s no need for a film/movie to be all about bitcoin to become a killer content for Bitcoiners.

BONUS 🎁 Personal insights of the trailer’s creator and the very genius behind this movie:

“What began as a pipe dream and a wild vision for a gang of relentless young filmmakers during lockdown has now manifested through sheer heart, unwavering determination, and an awe-inspiring team of creatives.”

Naeem Mahmood ( , passionate creator, or as he calls himself ‘a visionary’; award-winning, and audacious film director.

“Unapologetic and bold images, the delicate structure of the story and the subtle underlying messages conveyed, it wasn’t easy to combine them into a trailer intended for a wide audience! I knew I was in deep water, and I loved it!”

Yannis Stergioulis ( , film trailer editor and colorist, who last year decided to engage in this ambitious project.

Once again Happy 2024! Bye bye {for now}.

BFF Team 🚀🎬

Thanks to all for your engagement and trust!

Don’t forget to reach out to us with feedback – without your input we can’t improve things. Email: The same address applies to potential cooperation or submitting new films. Don’t be a stranger. This space is for you. Join us at the heart of Bitcoin Cinema.


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