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the bitcoin film festival

πŸ“… April 19-21
@ European Halving Party
πŸ“Œ Kinoteka, Warsaw Poland

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projects nominated to Golden Rabbits:

After it’s said

The open internet is slipping away. Behind the scenes of our everyday use, nation-states and major tech corporations maneuver for greater control. At the same time multitudes of developers work to implement new open-internet layers that would empower the individual. This film dives into the internet as a language tool framed by the very nature of language as mankind’s original superpower. An honest assessment of our current state of the internet exposes a stark contrast to those trapped in closed, surveillance-driven internet environments. Can the value of the evolving internet extend to everyone? Or will that value be seized and possibly even used against us?

My Trust in You is Broken

Dynamic chronicles of the tumultuous origins of Bitcoin as a payments system and the story behind the BTCPay Server – currently the most widely used self-hosted payment processing stack for Bitcoin, created by Nicolas Dorier in response to BitPay and its actions during the 2017 Blocksize Wars. The film highlights the early days of Bitcoin as a tool for merchants, their issues, and the perils of trusted third parties, as well as Dorier’s pivotal role in contributing to the current adoption of Bitcoin payments among businesses.

Death Athletic

Death Athletic is an intimate personal account and a chronicle of a techno-political war challenging how information is created and shared in the digital age. A seven year document trailing the Federal battles, personal struggles, growing 3D gun community, and illicit criminal case plaguing Cody Wilson’s fight for the 1st Amendment freedom to share code online. Code that happens to engineer guns. Death Athletic gives the audience a chance to see behind the curtain, behind the flashy news pieces, and decide if code is violence or speech. An investigative profile of a man, a movement, and an idea that has captured and haunted gun control.

Gods of Their Own Religion

Set in a technocratic empire, humanity lies cold and subjugated beneath the boot of an inhuman authority. But hidden within its suffocating body are those who fight to reignite the fire at its heart. The genre-defying GODS OF THEIR OWN RELIGION is set in a technocratic empire, where the last breed of free spirits remembers the true meaning of humanity and strives to reignite the fire at its heart. Inspired by and produced during the 2020 lockdown, originally it was intended to be just a short film, an experimental piece, to keep the creative juices flowing. Eventually, it became a feature production that serves as an artistic expression of freedom and defiance, while presenting complex realities of our times.


An independent documentary film that takes an inside-look at the grassroots movement of die-hard Bitcoin devotees and why they think Bitcoin can save America. Filmed from 2021 to 2023, this film follows a group of Bitcoin plebs in Texas, and includes key interviews with well-known Bitcoin voices.

April 19-21
Warsaw, Poland

The Bitcoin Film Festival 2024 (BFF’24) is part of the Eureopan Halving Party. Tickets are also available in Kinoteka.